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Distribution of myo-inositol in the cat cochlear nucleus.

The distribution of myo-inositol, a substance that has been implicated in synaptic transmission, has been mapped within sections of the cat cochlear nucleus as well as some nearby regions. Highest values in the cochlear nucleus were found in regions of granule cells along the periphery of the anteroventral subdivision of the nucleus. Highest values overall were found in the molecular layer of the cerebellar flocculus. A fairly good correlation was found between myo-inositol levels and activities of the enzymes of acetylcholine metabolism in the cat cochlear nucleus, supporting the possibility that myo-inositol may be involved in cholinergic synaptic transmission. No positive correlation was found between myo-inositol levels and the levels of glutamate, aspartate, glycine, or gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). The most striking gradient of myo-inositol levels within a region was found in the auditory nerve, where different myo-inositol levels might be related to nerve fibers innervating different parts of the cochlea. The distribution of scyllo-inositol, a stereoisomer of myo-inositol, was also examined, and found to parallel closely the distribution of myo-inositol, with levels 4--5% as high.[1]


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