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Cochlear Nucleus

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Gene context of Cochlear Nucleus

  • The data suggest that the composition of GluR1-GluR4 subunits on neurons in the cochlear nucleus may be related to presynaptic input; moreover, heterogeneous patterns of expression of the GluR3 subunit, in addition, suggest that variability in mRNA levels within one population of morphologically defined cells is present [25].
  • Few well-defined nuclei exhibited positive TLR4 transcript: the supramamillary nucleus, cochlear nucleus, and the lateral reticular nucleus [26].
  • CR was found in somata of the cochlear nucleus and peripheral aspects of the inferior colliculus as well as in fibers extending into the superior olivary complex and the nuclei of the lateral lemniscus [27].
  • Diffuse immunoreactivity for both BDNF and NT-3 was first detected at P3 in the cochlear nucleus and in several second order auditory nuclei in the superior olivary complex [28].
  • NT-3 and NT-4 immunoreactivity increased in the following stages and in the adult moderate labelings were observed in most neurons of the cochlear nucleus, the superior olivary nuclei and the IC [29].

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