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Pneumothorax in cystic fibrosis: management and outcome.

We reviewed our experience over the past 12 years to determine the best method of management, to determine the morbidity and the physiologic outcome of medical vs surgical treatment of pneumothorax complicating CF, and to assess the influence of age, sex, and Shwachman scores on survival. Sixty-five patients, ages ranging from 5 to 32 years (mean 18 years). Shwachman scores ranging from 25 to 87 (mean 57), and a male-female ratio of 1:1, experienced 170 pneumothoraces, 93 first episodes, and 77 recurrences, requiring 211 trials of management. All methods of management except needle aspiration resulted in a fair rate of resolution (70 to 100%), but recurrence rates were high for observation (60%), needle aspiration (79%), trocar thoracotomy (63%), tetracycline sclerosis (86%), and silver nitrate sclerosis (43%). The recurrence rates were 12.5% for quinacrine sclerosis and 0% for parietal pleurectomy. Quinacrine sclerosis and parietal pleurectomy were the most effective methods of management. There was no significant difference in pulmonary function before pneumothorax and after pleural sclerosis or parietal pleurectomy. Age, sex, and severity of pulmonary disease were all independent variables influencing prognosis. Severity of disease, rather than the occurrence of a pneumothorax, appears to be the major cause of death. We recommend that quinacrine sclerosis should be considered for management of the first pneumothorax, and parietal pleurectomy if it fails.[1]


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