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Psychomotor status induced by temporal lobe encephalitis.

A case report of psychomotor status was presented. A 51-year-old male caught a cold and had a high fever at the end of September, 1979. On October 7th, he had a visual hallucination followed by a generalized seizure. After hospitalization he went through several fits of automatism. On October 15th, he was seized with automatism status in which the seizures were repeated every 25 minutes and there was no recovery of consciousness between the seizures. Although an intravenous injection of diazepam interrupted this status, on October 17th he showed subclinical seizure status on the EEG during which automatism traces were rarely found. By the medication of carbamazepine and clonazepam, he improved gradually. CT-scan revealed the disappearance of the right sylvian fissure and CSF showed findings of viral encephalitis. Consequently, he was considered to have been suffering from temporal lobe encephalitis and shown an episode of psychomotor status with automatisms and automatism traces during which typical automatism status was observed as well.[1]


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