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The effects of pentoxifylline on oxygenation, diffusion of carbon monoxide, and exercise tolerance in patients with COPD.

Pentoxifylline has been reported previously in an unblinded study to improve oxygen saturation, treadmill walk time, and resting diffusion of carbon monoxide (Dco) in patients with COPD. We recruited 12 patients with moderate to severe COPD whose exercise capacity was limited by ventilation or who developed hypoxemia with exercise. Patients were randomized to receive pentoxifylline or placebo, each for a 12-week period in a prospective, double-blind, crossover design study, to assess the effects of pentoxifylline on oxygenation, resting Dco, and exercise tolerance using arterial blood gas analysis. Eleven patients with a mean FEV1 of 0.94 L and a mean Dco of 9.85 mL/min/mm Hg completed the study. One patient withdrew from the study after developing pneumonia. There were no significant differences in resting oxygenation, resting Dco, or spirometry after 12 weeks of pentoxifylline relative to placebo. The 12-min walk test and dyspnea index for activities of daily living were also not significantly different while taking pentoxifylline. Finally, at maximal exercise, there were no differences in workload attained, exercise duration, oxygen consumption, carbon dioxide production, minute ventilation, oxygen saturation, PO2, alveolar-arterial oxygen pressure difference, or Borg score while taking pentoxifylline relative to placebo. We conclude that pentoxifylline does not improve oxygenation, resting Dco, exercise tolerance, or dyspnea in patients with moderate to severe COPD.[1]


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