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Differential expression of adhesion molecules in acute leukemia.

Interactions between hematopoietic cells and the stromal microenvironment are mediated by membrane-bound adhesion molecules. As the expression patterns of these molecules may alter the adhesive qualities of leukemic blasts, leukemic samples were investigated for the expression of beta 1-, beta 2-, beta 3-integrins, CD44, the three selectins and several members of the immunoglobulin family. CD44 (167/169), LFA-3 (158/169), the beta 1-integrins VLA-4 (120/123) and VLA-5 (45/51) and the beta 2-integrin LFA-1 (149/157) were found on > 70% of blasts in most cases of leukemias. Other molecules were restricted to specific differentiation stages and lineage. The beta 2-integrins Mac-1 (CD11b/CD18) and gp 150,95 (CD11c/CD18) were preferentially expressed on M4 and M5 subtypes, and NCAM (CD56) was only found on a subset of acute myeloid leukemias (17/113). Unexpectedly, the beta 1-integrins VLA-1 (1/51), VLA-2 (18/123), VLA-3 (5/43), VLA-6 (15/29) and the E-selectin (2/47) were expressed on > 70% blasts on a subset of leukemias of varied phenotype. These molecules were absent on normal CD34+ bone marrow precursors. The simultaneous analysis generally revealed a higher percentage of positive blasts in the blood than in bone marrow. Our observations therefore suggest that in leukemia these antigens are displayed on a non-adherent population that is defective and is unable to convert to an adherent, functionally active conformational state.[1]


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