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Repressor activity of CCAAT displacement protein in HL-60 myeloid leukemia cells.

CCAAT displacement protein (CDP)/cut is implicated in several systems as a transcriptional repressor of developmentally regulated genes. In myeloid leukemia cells, CDP/cut binding activity as assayed on the promoter of the phagocyte-specific cytochrome heavy chain gene gp91-phox varies inversely with expression of gp91-phox mRNA. We used two approaches to ascertain whether CDP/cut serves as a repressor of gp91-phox gene expression. First, we used transient transfection assays in 3T3 cells to demonstrate that the CDP/cut binding site from the gp91-phox promoter acts as a negative regulatory element in artificial promoter constructs. Second, we isolated a stable transformant of HL-60 myeloid cells constitutively expressing transfected CDP/cut cDNA. Stable transformants carrying expression vector alone or expressing CDP/cut mRNA were induced to differentiate along the macrophage lineage with phorbol ester or along the neutrophil lineage with dimethyl sulfoxide or retinoic acid/dimethylformamide. Northern blot analysis was used to assess induction of mRNAs encoding gp91-phox, and the myeloid oxidase cytosolic components, p47 and p67. In the stable transformant expressing transfected CDP/cut cDNA, gp91-phox induction was selectively reduced, whereas morphologic differentiation and induction of mRNA for myeloid oxidase components p47 and p67 were unaffected. These data provide persuasive evidence that CDP/cut acts to repress the gp91-phox gene.[1]


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