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Simultaneous transcranial Doppler and arterial blood pressure response to lower body negative pressure.

Microgravity induces fluid shifts which can alter the cardiovascular responses of astronauts both during space flight and on return to Earth. The decrease in orthostatic tolerance in astronauts returning from a weightless environment can be modelled in ground-based studies using lower body negative pressure ( LBNP). This study examined the physiological changes induced by LBNP and determined a reliable method of predicting the onset of presyncope to enable evaluation of countermeasures for loss of orthostatic tolerance, such as glycerol-induced hyperhydration. Six healthy male subjects, aged 18 to 45 years, were each subjected to two LBNP tests, with or without glycerol ingestion. Continuous, non-invasive measurements of middle cerebral artery blood flow velocities ( CBF) by transcranial Doppler, arterial blood pressure (Finapres ABP), ECG and LBNP box pressures were recorded during each test. Negative pressure was increased in three minute intervals until symptoms of presyncope were observed. An increase in heart rate (HR), a relatively constant mean ABP and a steady decline in mean CBF were consistently observed as the box pressure was decreased. The continuous on-line measurements clearly showed consistent dynamic changes in both CBF and ABP waveforms in response to changes in LBNP. At the onset of presyncope, sudden drops in mean ABP, HR and mean CBF were typically noted, the latter providing the earliest indication of presyncope. The time required to re-establish original baseline values of CBF and ABP after release of box pressure varied widely from six to over ten minutes.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[1]


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