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Fluid Shifts

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Disease relevance of Fluid Shifts


High impact information on Fluid Shifts

  • Based on this evidence that AQP4 is concentrated in glial square arrays, freeze-fracture methods may now provide biophysical insights regarding neuropathological states in which abnormal fluid shifts are accompanied by alterations in the aggregation state or the molecular architecture of square arrays [6].
  • It is possible that stimuli to the diabetic kidney, as a result of insulin-induced fluid shifts that reduce extracellular fluid volume (ECF) via glucose transport, result in reduction in GFR, opposing the direct renal vasodilatory action of insulin [7].
  • Determination of the percent free testosterone at normal serum protein concentrations by equilibrium dialysis may also be in error by 20% or more due to fluid shifts within the test system [8].
  • In the cardiovascular system, ANF antagonizes vasoconstriction, and shifts fluid from the intravascular to the interstitial compartment [9].
  • These results indicate that chronic cephalic fluid shifts enhanced basal tone and vasoconstriction through alterations in the eNOS signaling mechanism [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Fluid Shifts


Biological context of Fluid Shifts


Anatomical context of Fluid Shifts

  • Chemical distribution measurements of radioactive sodium-thiosulfate (35S) and of the brain water indicate that infusion of 2.4-dinitrophenol into a carotid artery of rats caused a water uptake and fluid shifts from the extra- into the intracellular compartments in the central nervous system [14].
  • In contrast, infusion of the Erythrocyte Hemolysate produced a greater than 10-fold increase in plasma C3a concentrations, a greater than 6000-fold increase in plasma TxB2 concentration, significant fluid shifts, and changes in a variety of other parameters consistent with induction of a dramatic inflammatory response [15].

Associations of Fluid Shifts with chemical compounds

  • Acute effects of fluid shifts on the cardiovascular system were monitored on NASA's KC-135 aircraft during parabolic flight [16].
  • Large intravascular fluid shifts associated with blood loss and subsequent blood replacement influenced plasma propofol concentrations observed in this patient [17].
  • The constituents of Hartmann's solution and their concentrations are designed to match those of plasma, reducing ion and fluid shifts postinfusion [18].
  • When the transvascular fluid shifts accompanying the inflammatory reactions are prevented by circulatory arrest, Pif decreased significantly to subatmospheric values, -0.8 +/- 0.8 and -3.3 +/- 1.2 mmHg in the dextran and histamine group, respectively (P < 0.05) [19].
  • In spite of this, ibuprofen and naproxen did not influence fluid shifts during exercise [20].

Gene context of Fluid Shifts

  • The reasons for this remain unclear but include the possibility that volume changes were due to amyloid removal and associated cerebral fluid shifts [21].
  • Inhibition of AVP release by fluid shifts during microgravity might account for our findings and astronaut-reported episodes of vomiting without nausea [22].
  • These results suggest that although both LBPP and HDT induce fluid shifts from the lower body toward the thoracic compartment, autonomic responses are different, especially at LBPP greater than 20 mmHg [23].
  • The error of the prediction of ECW by BIS limits the ability to predict fluid shifts in individual patients with clinically stable COPD [24].
  • The fluid shifts can be prevented by the addition of dextran (mol. wt. 70,000) to the dialysis buffer in a concentration of 55% of the total protein concentration [12].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Fluid Shifts


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