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Androgen binding proteins of testis, epididymis, and plasma in man and monkey.

Androgen-binding protein ( ABP) has been found in the cytosol of testicular and epididymal homogenates of several sub-primate species. In those species which had the plasma androgen binding protein, testosterone-estradiol-binding globulin (TeBG), ABP and TeBG were found to be physically similar. We investigated the possibility that ABP might exist in monkey and man using the cytosol of testicular and epididymal homogenates and aspirates obtained by direct micropuncture of the rete testis. In polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, pH 7.8, testicular and epididymal cytosols of monkey and man were found to contain several binding proteins of different size and net charge that bind dihydrotestosterone. These binding proteins were either indistinguishable from TeBG or could be related to TeBG as size and/or charge isomers. No ABP was detectable in up to 200 mul of monkey rete testis fluid obtained by direct micropuncture, though ABP is detectable in as little as 5 mul of rat rete testis fluid. The data suggest that the ABP's detected in the testicular and epididymal cytosols in monkey and man represent isomeric forms of plasma TeBG, and their presence in testicular cytosol most likely derives from blood contamination.[1]


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