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Activated natural killer cells suppress myelopoiesis in mice with severe combined immunodeficiency.

The in vivo effect of natural killer (NK) cell activation on autologous myelopoiesis was studied in an environment deficient of functional T and B cells. Administration of 3,6-bis[2-(Dimethylamino)-ethoxy]-9H-xanthen-9-one dihydrochloride) Tilorone) or recombinant interleukin-2 (rIL-2) to mice with severe combined immunodeficiency (C.B.-17 scid/scid) resulted in an increase in YAC-1 lysis by their splenocytes as well as bone marrow cells. Recombinant IL-2 furthermore led to a fivefold increase in the cellularity of the spleen. When assayed against human NK/lymphokine-activated killer (LAK) target, K562 cell line, the IL-2-activated mouse cells exhibited no cytotoxicity across the species barrier. Both agents induced a profound suppression of myelopoietic progenitor cells as measured in a 7-day granulocyte-macrophage colony forming cell (GM- CFC) assay. We conclude that the presence of neither functional T nor B cells is necessary for NK cells to mediate inhibition of myelopoiesis in the autologous host.[1]


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