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p190-B, a new member of the Rho GAP family, and Rho are induced to cluster after integrin cross-linking.

p120GAP forms distinct complexes with two phosphoproteins, p62 and p190. Here we have cloned a cDNA encoding a protein with 51% amino acid identity to p190 (hereafter designated p190-A) and have designated it p190-B. The N-terminal portion of p190-B contained several motifs characteristic of a GTPase domain, while its C terminus contained a Rho GAP domain. A recombinant Rho GAP domain polypeptide showed GAP activity for RhoA, Rac1, and G25K/CDC42Hs. Immunoprecipitation and immunofluorescence studies demonstrated that p190-B protein was expressed in a variety of cells and was localized diffusely in the cytoplasm and in fibrillar patterns that co-localized with the alpha 5 beta 1 integrin receptor for fibronectin. Adhesion of fibronectin-coated latex beads to cells resulted in recruitment of significant amounts of p190-B and Rho to the plasma membrane beneath the site of bead binding. In contrast, beads coated with polylysine or concanavalin A were unable to recruit p190-B or Rho. Additionally, anti-beta 1 or anti-alpha 5 integrin antibody-coated beads were also able to recruit large amounts of p190-B and Rho. These results identify a novel second member of the p190 family and establish the existence of a novel transmembrane link between integrins and a new protein p190-B and Rho.[1]


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