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Effect of the dpy-20 and rol-6 cotransformation markers on alpha-tubulin gene expression in C. elegans transformants.

An alpha-1 tubulin::lacZ fusion gene was introduced into the germline of Caenorhabditis elegans, using either rol-6 or dpy-20 genomic DNA as a cotransformation marker. Distinct patterns in cellular specificity of the alpha-1 tubulin::lacZ fusion gene expression were observed, depending on the cotransformation marker used. For the rol-6 marker, the tubulin fusion gene was expressed in several neurons in the head and tail ganglia and a set of 38-39 ventral cord motor neurons along the body length of the animal during larval and adult development. In contrast, for the dpy-20 marker system, not only were fewer neurons stained in the head and tail region, but also the staining of ventral cord motor neurons was extremely reduced both in number and intensity. The dpy-20 marked- mediated suppression of the alpha-1 tubulin gene expression was observed both in the cis and trans configurations. Similar down-regulation in the ventral cord motor neurons was observed when the alpha-2 tubulin::lacZ fusion gene construct was tested in these experiments using the dpy-20 marker. In controls, where the tubulin fusion gene was directly injected to obtain transformants without any marker DNA, the cellular staining pattern was close to the fusion gene expression observed with the rol-6 marker DNA. These results underline the importance of the choice of transformation marker system in generation of the transgenic animals, and reveal a down-regulation of the alpha-tubulin fusion gene expression in the ventral cord motor neurons in transgenic animals when the dpy-20 gene was used as a cotransformation marker.[1]


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