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Abscisic acid induces the alcohol dehydrogenase gene in Arabidopsis.

Exogenous abscisic acid (ABA) induced the alcohol dehydrogenase gene ( Adh) in Arabidopsis roots. Both the G-box-1 element and the GT/GC motifs (anaerobic response element) were required for Adh inducibility. Measurement of endogenous ABA levels during stress treatment showed that ABA levels increased during dehydration treatment but not following exposure to either hypoxia or low temperature. Arabidopsis ABA mutants (aba1 and abi2) displayed reduced Adh mRNA induction levels following either dehydration treatment or exogenous application of ABA. Low-oxygen response was slightly increased in the aba1 mutant but was unchanged in abi2. Low-temperature response was unaffected in both aba1 and abi2 mutants. Our results indicate that, although induction of the Adh gene by ABA, dehydration, and low temperature required the same cis-acting promoter elements, their regulatory pathways were at least partially separated in a combined dehydration/ABA pathway and an ABA-independent low-temperature pathway. These pathways were in turn independent of a third signal transduction pathway leading to low-oxygen response, which did not involve either ABA or the G-box-1 promoter element.[1]


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