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Gene Review

ABI2  -  protein phosphatase 2C 77

Arabidopsis thaliana

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Disease relevance of ABI2


High impact information on ABI2


Biological context of ABI2

  • This demonstrates that the signal transduction pathways for all three stimuli converge on, or close to, the ABI1 and ABI2 gene products [7].
  • The deduced amino acid sequence is 55% and 54% identical to ABI1 and ABI2, respectively [8].
  • Comparison of the genomic structure of the ABI1, ABI2 and AtP2C-HA genes suggests that they belong to a multigene family [8].
  • The data suggest that this mutation localized in a conserved motif in the PP2C catalytic domain could be used in other PP2Cs to reveal their biological functions [9].
  • Thus, the homologous ABI1 and ABI2 phosphatases appear to assume partially redundant functions in ABA signaling, which may provide a mechanism to maintain informational homeostasis [10].

Anatomical context of ABI2


Associations of ABI2 with chemical compounds

  • Thus, ABI1 and ABI2 seem to control fibrillin expression that is involved in mediating ABA-induced photoprotection [12].
  • The interaction between SOS2 and ABI2 was disrupted by the abi2-1 mutation, which causes increased tolerance to salt shock and abscisic acid insensitivity in plants [13].
  • In addition, the redox states of both ATGPX3 and ABI2 were found to be regulated by H(2)O(2) [5].
  • Upon H2O2 challenge, ABI2 is rapidly inactivated with an IC50 value of 50 microM in the presence of reduced glutathione [14].
  • Inhibitor studies with phenylarsine oxide and manipulation of the redox status of ABI2 in vitro indicate that oxidation of critical cysteine residue(s) is responsible for inactivation [14].

Physical interactions of ABI2


Other interactions of ABI2

  • A novel domain in the protein kinase SOS2 mediates interaction with the protein phosphatase 2C ABI2 [13].
  • The phosphatase activity of ABI2, measured in vitro, was reduced approximately fivefold by the addition of oxidized ATGPX3 [5].
  • Low-oxygen response was slightly increased in the aba1 mutant but was unchanged in abi2 [1].
  • Abscisic acid (ABA) signaling mutants (abi1 and abi2) and the UV-sensitive mutant, uvh6, showed the strongest defects in acquired thermotolerance of root growth and seedling survival [16].
  • These findings suggest that there is a separate regulatory pathway independent of ABI2/ ABI4/ ABI5 [17].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of ABI2


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