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DNA sequence analysis of the VPH1-SNF2 region on chromosome XV of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

The nucleotide sequence of a 37 000 base pair region from the left arm of chromosome XV of Saccharomyces cerevisiae has been determined and analysed. This region contains 21 open reading frames (ORFs) coding for proteins of more than 100 amino acids. Six ORFs correspond to the genes PAC1, VPH1, MOD5, CAP20, ORF1 and SNF2 already described. Eight ORFs show some similarities to known genes from yeast and other organisms. They include genes coding for serine/threonine protein kinases, a multidrug resistance family homologue, a protein related to dihydrofolate reductase, a cluster of heat shock-like proteins and a gene coding for an enzyme related to protein disulfide isomerase. Finally seven ORFs do not show any similarities with a known gene. In addition we found a new ala-tRNA (UGC) gene located next to a sigma sequence.[1]


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