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Genetic characterization of the bovine leukaemia inhibitory factor ( LIF) gene: isolation and sequencing, chromosome assignment and microsatellite analysis.

The bovine leukaemia inhibitory factor was isolated from a phage library and sequences for the gene, in addition to 1213 bp of 5' and 432 bp of 3' sequences, were obtained and compared with other mammalian leukaemia inhibitory factor genes. Comparisons indicated amino acid homologies ranging from 89.6% to 77.2% with the human and mouse homologues, respectively. Analysis of 500 bp of 5' regulatory regions indicated homologies ranging from 83.6% to 74.4% with the corresponding human and sheep sequences, respectively. Additionally, bovine leukaemia inhibitory factor-specific primers were prepared, and a panel of bovine x hamster somatic cell lines were analysed by the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Data indicated 93% concordance of leukaemia inhibitory factor with aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 located on bovine chromosome 17, and concordance of 81% with myelin basic protein situated on bovine chromosome 24. Southern analysis of selected hybrids confirmed the PCR results, thus conclusively assigning the bovine leukaemia inhibitory factor gene to chromosome 17. Sequence analysis also revealed a microsatellite in intron 2 of the bovine leukaemia inhibitory factor. Analysis of this region by PCR in 22 unrelated Bos taurus and 19 unrelated Bos indicus cattle detected nine different alleles. Polymorphic information content values were 0.53 and 0.80 in B. taurus and B. indicus, respectively. Additionally, the same leukaemia inhibitory factor primers successfully detected allelic variants at this locus in Bos javanicus, Bos guarus and Bison bison but not in Odocoileus virginianus.[1]


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