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Stimulatory effects of hepatocyte growth factor on hemopoiesis of SCF/c-kit system-deficient mice.

In this study, we report that W/W mutant mice, which have severe macrocytic anemia caused by a deficit of extracellular domain in c-kit molecules and therefore die perinatally, have hemopoietic stem cells (HSCs) and mature hematolymphoid cells in the bone marrow (BM), thymus, and spleen, although there are significant decreases in cell counts. Moreover, the mitogen-induced proliferative response, mixed lymphocyte reaction, and anti-SRBC plaque formation of spleen cells in W/W mice are similar to those in age-matched +/? littermates and normal mice, suggesting that the SCF/c-kit system is necessary for cell proliferation but not essential for HSCs to differentiate. We next examine the stimulatory effects of hepatocyte growth factor ( HGF) on hemopoiesis in W/W mice. HGF has a stimulatory effect on the colony formation (CFU-C) of W/W BM cells when cultured using either a methylcellulose assay (containing cytokines) or a long-term culture (LTC) assay. A similar stimulatory effect of HGF is observed in the other W or SI locus-mutant mice (W/Wv and SI/SId mice), which show less severe anemia than W/W. The numbers of nonadherent cells and cobblestone colonies significantly increase in the LTCs using their BM cells. In addition, in vivo administration of HGF shows a transient increase in the CFU-C counts in BM cells and peripheral blood cells. RBC, WBC, and platelet counts also increased. These results suggest that the SCF/c-kit system is not essential to hemopoiesis but that a compensatory system such as the HGF/c-met system functions in the SCF/c-kit system-deficient mice.[1]


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