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Lymphocyte Culture Test, Mixed

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  • The demonstration that stimulation in the mixed lymphocyte reaction (MLR) mapped to the same region quickly led to attempts to produce antisera in congenic H2 recombinant strain combinations [7].
  • Incorporation of murine MHC antigens into liposomes and their effect in the secondary mixed lymphocyte reaction [8].
  • Cyclophilin specifically binds a series of cyclosporin analogs in proportion to their activity in a mixed lymphocyte reaction [9].
  • Antiserums to C4 inhibited the mixed lymphocyte reaction and the mitogenic response to phytohemagglutinin, suggesting a role for membrane-associated C4 in the afferent phase of immune recognition phenomena [10].
  • We utilize these mice to identify previously undefined cellular targets of IFN gamma action in the development of a murine antimicrobial response and the mixed lymphocyte reaction [11].

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