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Expression of an allozyme of prorenin-converting enzyme in the submandibular gland of DBA/2N mice.

A protein product of the tissue kallikrein gene family was isolated from the submandibular gland of DBA/2N mice. Amino acid sequencing showed this protein to be highly homologous to two tissue kallikreins, mK13 and mK26, also known as prorenin-converting enzymes PRECE and PRECE-2, respectively. The cDNA corresponding to the present enzyme was cloned, and its complete nucleotide sequence was determined. The cloned cDNA was different in 6 and 12 bases out of 783 nucleotides from those of mK1k-13 and mK1k-26 cDNAs, respectively, the homologies being 99.2 and 98.5% (nucleotide), or 98.3 and 96.2% (amino acid). Upon incubation with either bovine kininogens or mouse Ren 2 prorenin, this tissue kallikrein generated bradykinin and renin, respectively, as judged by Western blotting and protein sequence analysis. Isoelectric focusing analysis of the submandibular gland tissue kallikreins suggested that the present enzyme was not expressed in CD-1 or ICR mice and that no mK13 protein was present in DBA/2N mice. These data suggest that the enzyme is an allozyme of mK13, a prorenin-converting enzyme highly expressed in the submandibular gland of DBA/2N mice. The mK1k-13 gene in mice is therefore suggested to be polymorphic, having at least two allelic forms with a high sequence homology. The designation mK13(b) and mK1k-13(b) for the protein and gene of this tissue kallikrein is proposed.[1]


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