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Gene Review

Ren2  -  renin 2 tandem duplication of Ren1

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Angiotensinogenase, Ren, Ren-1, Ren-2, Ren-B, ...
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Disease relevance of Ren2

  • We have previously described a genetic model of malignant hypertension (MH) in rats carrying the mouse Ren2 gene (TGRmRen2-27), in which the phenotype is dependent on the genetic background [1].
  • Hypertensive transgenic rats overexpressing the Ren2 gene express anxiotic behavioral profile. Melatonin show the anti-anxiogenic effect in these TGR rats [2].
  • These studies demonstrate that, in the absence of Ren1(d), Ren2 preserves normal kidney development and prevents severe hypotension [3].
  • Chimeric genes containing the 5'-flanking regions of the mouse renin genes, Ren1 and Ren2, associated with the early region of the simian virus 40 (SV40) were constructed [4].
  • Proximal tubule microvilli remodeling and albuminuria in the Ren2 transgenic rat [5].
  • Effects of angiotensin II subtype 1 receptor blockade on cardiac fibrosis and sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ handling in hypertensive transgenic rats overexpressing the Ren2 gene [6].

High impact information on Ren2


Chemical compound and disease context of Ren2


Biological context of Ren2


Anatomical context of Ren2

  • The two recombinant genes which contain, respectively, 0.45- and 2.5-kb the Ren1 and Ren2 5'-flanking sequences, named Ren1Tag and Ren2Tag, were microinjected into fertilized eggs [4].
  • Ren-2 is clearly expressed in kidney, SMG and testes [17].
  • Furthermore, 5'-flanking sequences of Ren-2, placed upstream of the thymidine kinase or SV40 early region promoters do not alter the activity of these promoters in three different cell lines [18].
  • It is intriguing that Ren-2, the duplicated mouse renin gene, is expressed to high levels in the male salivary gland and also contains a transposed intracisternal A-particle genome [19].
  • Organs that are involved in cardiovascular regulation, such as the adrenal gland, kidney, and brain, express the Ren-2 gene before hypertension has developed, consistent with the possibility of a causal relationship between transgene expression in these tissues and hypertension [20].

Associations of Ren2 with chemical compounds

  • Expression of the mouse renin genes (Ren1 and Ren2) in the submaxillary gland of female mice has been analyzed following administration of thyroxine (T4) or dihydrotestosterone (DHT) [15].
  • Chronic losartan treatment results in compensation via recruitment of both Ren1(d)- and Ren2-expressing cells along the preglomerular vessels [3].
  • The Ren-1 locus of mice encodes the protease renin, which with converting enzyme processes angiotensinogen to the potent vasopressor angiotensin II [21].
  • Male Ren2 (6-7 wk old) and age-matched Sprague-Dawley rats were treated with valsartan (30 mg/kg), tempol (1 mmol/l), or placebo for 3 wk [5].
  • Systolic blood pressures were measured in conscious male Cyp1a1-Ren2 rats (n = 6) during control conditions and during dietary administration of indole-3-carbinol (I3C; 0.15%, wt/wt), for 14 days [22].

Enzymatic interactions of Ren2


Regulatory relationships of Ren2


Other interactions of Ren2


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Ren2

  • The effects of DHT and T4 were also analyzed in transgenic mice obtained by microinjection of the Ren2 gene [15].
  • Sequence analysis of a 319 bp renin cDNA recombinant isolated from a kidney library from the two-gene strain DBA/2Ha corresponds to a transcript of the Ren-1 gene [21].
  • In this study, an enzyme which specifically cleaves mouse Ren 2 prorenin at the paired basic residues has been purified from mouse submandibular gland by CM-Toyopearl chromatography, antipain-Sepharose chromatography, and isoelectric focusing [29].
  • We have used gene targeting to discover the effects of inactivating the duplicated (Ren-2) gene in strain 129 mice, and we show that mice lacking the Ren-2 gene are viable and healthy [30].
  • In this study, a direct ELISA for Ren-2 renin (SMG renin) was established by a sandwich method [31].


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