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cDNA sequence and deduced amino acid sequence of bovine oviductal fluid catalase.

A bovine oviductal fluid catalase (OFC) which preferentially binds to the acrosome surface of some mammalian spermatozoa has recently been purified. The objectives of this study were to clone the OFC, obtain the full-length cDNA and protein sequence and determine which characteristics of the proteins are associated with the binding of the enzyme to sperm surface. Northern blot analysis revealed low levels of catalase mRNA in bovine oviducts and uterus compared to the liver and kidney. Screening of a cDNA library from the cow oviduct permit to obtain a full-length cDNA of 2282 bp, with an open reading frame of 1581 bp coding for a deduced protein of 526 amino acids (59,789 Da). The deduced protein contained four potential N-glycosylation sites and many potential O-glycosylation sites. The OFC protein exhibited high identity with catalase from other bovine tissues, likewise with catalases from human fibroblast and kidney, and with rat liver catalase. The homology of amino acid sequence of OFC with bovine liver catalase was about 99%. However the OFC possess an extended carboxyl terminus of 20 amino acids not present on the liver catalase. This result is supported by a lower mobility of the OFC compared to the liver catalase when both proteins are submitted on SDS-PAGE.[1]


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