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Chemical Compound Review

Brinaldix     4-chloro-N-[(2R,6S)-2,6- dimethyl-1...

Synonyms: Brinedine, Clopamida, Adurix, Clopamidum, Aquex, ...
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Disease relevance of clopamide

  • In the treatment of mild-to-moderate hypertension, a low-dose combination of reserpine and clopamide once a day is considerably more effective than, and as tolerable as, 5-10 mg of enalapril once a day [1].
  • The diuretics cyclopenthiazide, spironolactone and clopamide given prophylactically to high weight gain primigravidae did not prevent the onset of proteinuric pre-eclampsia, but caused the babies to be lighter in weight than those of controls [2].

High impact information on clopamide


Chemical compound and disease context of clopamide


Biological context of clopamide

  • Eight male patients, aged 36-59 and with an average supine diastolic pressure of 95-115 mm Hg, were treated with single daily doses of clopamide 5 mg as monotherapy for 16 weeks [9].

Associations of clopamide with other chemical compounds

  • Two fixed combinations of beta-blockers and diuretics, penbutolol plus furosemide and pindolol plus clopamide, were compared with respect to efficacy, safety, and tolerability in hypertensive out-patients [10].
  • 1.0 mM furosemide, 0.1 mM spironolactone, 0.01 mM clopamide and 0.8 mM acetazolamide did not change the reaction to ADH [11].
  • The reserpine/ clopamide and enalapril groups did not differ with regard to demographic and baseline characteristics (mean age 57 or 58 years, respectively; 63% or 56% males, respectively; mean SBP/DBP after the 2-week placebo period = 156 mmHg/104 mmHg in both groups) [1].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of clopamide


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