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Chemical Compound Review

AC1L9L4Y     methane hydrate

Synonyms: Methane, hydrate (4:1)
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  • In this study we investigated by using 16S rRNA-based methods the distribution and biomass of archaea in samples from (i) sediments above outcropping methane hydrate at Hydrate Ridge (Cascadia margin off Oregon) and (ii) massive microbial mats enclosing carbonate reefs (Crimea area, Black Sea) [2].
  • Neutron diffraction runs and gas-consumption experiments based on pressure-volume-temperature measurements are conducted to study the kinetics of methane hydrate formation from hydrogenated and deuterated ice powder samples in the temperature range of 245-270 K up to high degrees of transformation [3].
  • ESR signal intensity of the methyl radical after gamma-ray irradiation could be used to estimate the amount of methane hydrate in a sample mixed with ice [4].
  • The thermal stability of gamma-ray-induced methyl radicals in methane hydrate was studied using the ESR method at atmospheric pressure and 210-260 K [5].

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