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Neutron Diffraction

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  • Neutron diffraction maps have been used to assign the rotor conformations of the hydroxyl hydrogens in trypsin [9].
  • Low-angle neutron diffraction patterns from oriented fibrin made in the presence of EDTA, made in the presence of calcium, or stabilized with factor XIIIa are very similar, showing that the packing of the molecules within the fibers is the same or very similar in these different preparations [10].
  • The calculated head-group spacings at minimum hydration are consistent with those obtained from neutron diffraction and indicate that the methyl groups of the choline are almost in contact with corresponding groups in the opposing bilayer [11].
  • The result confirms the stereochemistry of the malate/succinate transformation, as well as the NAD+/NADH interconversion, and demonstrates the usefulness of the single-crystal neutron diffraction method for determining the absolute configuration of molecules having a chiral monodeuteriomethylene group [12].
  • Orientation of histidine residues in RNase A: neutron diffraction study [13].

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