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Chemical Compound Review

leukotriene B5     (6E,8E,10E,14E,17E)-5,12- dihydroxyicosa-6...

Synonyms: LTB 5, L9024_SIGMA, AC1NSO0T, AR-1G5776, PDSP1_000703, ...
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Disease relevance of leukotriene B5


High impact information on leukotriene B5


Biological context of leukotriene B5


Associations of leukotriene B5 with other chemical compounds


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  2. Dietary supplementation with omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in patients with stable coronary heart disease. Effects on indices of platelet and neutrophil function and exercise performance. Mehta, J.L., Lopez, L.M., Lawson, D., Wargovich, T.J., Williams, L.L. Am. J. Med. (1988) [Pubmed]
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