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Chemical Compound Review

Ciprostene     (5Z)-5-[5-hydroxy-4-[(E)-3- hydroxyoct-1...

Synonyms: Ciprosteno, Ciprostenum, AC1O5S0J, 81845-44-5, UNII-KZ075BHY4P, ...
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Disease relevance of Ciprostene

  • Ten patients with peripheral vascular disease and claudication received ciprostene (titrated to 120 ng/kg/min) infused over 8 hours 1 day per week for 4 consecutive weeks [1].
  • In patient #5 with a history of arrhythmias, the last ciprostene infusion had to be discontinued at 4.5 hours due to arrhythmias but his data were included into the evaluation [2].
  • When patients were characterized according to their clinical status, these differences were accounted for by patients with unstable angina receiving ciprostene [3].
  • In contrast, coronary artery stenoses in patients receiving ciprostene (n = 12) measured 83 +/- 3% before PTCA, 31 +/- 4% after PTCA and 55 +/- 9% at 6 month, being still significantly different from pre-PTCA value (P less than 0.05) [3].

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Biological context of Ciprostene


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