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Chemical Compound Review

carbacyclin     (5E)-5-[(3aS,4S,5R,6aR)-5- hydroxy-4-[(E...

Synonyms: Carbacycline, Carba pgx, CHEMBL435828, SureCN1479163, BSPBio_001573, ...
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Disease relevance of carbacyclin


High impact information on carbacyclin


Chemical compound and disease context of carbacyclin


Biological context of carbacyclin

  • Carbacyclin derivative E/Z-2d was found to be essentially inactive as an inhibitor of ADP induced human platelet aggregation, having an IC50 of >10 micromol/L [13].
  • These results emphasize the adipogenic, nonmitogenic role of cPGI2 and also allow the distinction between the various adipogenic/mitogenic factors which affect adipose cell differentiation [14].
  • However, treatment of intact platelets with phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate, thrombin or carbacyclin did not increase PS-p68 phosphorylation [15].
  • In contrast, carbaprostacyclin (cPGI2), a stable analogue of prostacyclin, behaves as a true adipogenic factor leading to a 4 to 5-fold increase in GPDH-specific activities with no significant effect on cell growth [14].
  • Intra-arterial 9-beta-methyl carbacyclin improved early PTFE graft patency and inhibited platelet deposition in a severe canine model, independent of baseline platelet aggregation status, which also had an important effect on graft patency [16].

Anatomical context of carbacyclin


Associations of carbacyclin with other chemical compounds


Gene context of carbacyclin


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of carbacyclin

  • A subcutaneous infusion pump was used to deliver either saline solution (control) or 9-beta-methyl carbacyclin (Ciprostine) at 100 (CARB-100) or 200 ng/kg/min (CARB-200) through a femoral artery branch just proximal to one of the femoral grafts, with the contralateral graft serving as a noninfused control [16].
  • A chemically stable prostacyclin analogue (PGI2-A, carbacyclin, OP-41483) was evaluated as an adjunct to potassium cardioplegia in infants (n = 13) and children (n = 32), in whom the current potassium cardioplegia may be limited in its effects [29].
  • 2) With oral administration to guinea pigs, OP-41483 given as its alpha-cyclodextrin clathrate (OP-41483 alpha-CD) inhibited platelet adhesiveness at doses higher than 1.0 mg/kg (expressed in terms of OP-41483), whereas PGl2 and carbacyclin did not at 10 mg/kg [30].
  • Extracts of both fetal and maternal effluents from placenta perfused with carbacyclin contained a component which on reverse phase HPLC appeared less polar than carbacyclin [31].


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