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Chemical Compound Review

deoxyinosine     9-[(2R,4S,5R)-4-hydroxy-5...

Synonyms: delta-Ino, d-Ino, SureCN24307, SureCN24308, AG-H-60709, ...
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Disease relevance of deoxyinosine


High impact information on deoxyinosine

  • The differences between the normal and HPR transferase-deficient cells were lost when ribose reutilization from endogenous nucleotide breakdown was impaired in the HPR transferase-deficient cells by incubation with 2'-deoxyinosine [3].
  • In this study, we demonstrated the artifactual formation of these two deamination products during acid hydrolysis and hence developed a method for detecting and measuring 2'-deoxyinosine, the nucleoside of hypoxanthine [4].
  • This assay detected an increase in the levels of 2'-deoxyinosine in DNA when commercial salmon testis DNA was treated with nitrous acid [4].
  • Instead, the results show a very small shift (1.3 ppm), indicating that C-6 of 2'-deoxyinosine retains its sp2 hybridization after binding by calf intestinal adenosine deaminase [5].
  • We show that dI-substituted molecules that cannot form the G-strand structure nonetheless function as substrates for telomere repeat addition in vitro by the telomere lengthening enzyme, telomerase [6].

Biological context of deoxyinosine

  • PURPOSE: The aims of this study were to develop a stealth, pegylated liposomal formulation of 2'-deoxyinosine (d-Ino), a 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) modulator, to evaluate its efficacy in vitro and in tumor-bearing mice, and to study its pharmacokinetics in rats [7].
  • The sensitivity was also increased by a factor of 10 by using in addition to the deoxyinosine (dI)-containing primers, respective homologous primers in which dI was substituted by dG in the region of sequence homology [8].
  • The inhibitory potency of this siHybrid was increased (IC50 value of 7.8 nM) using a homologous chemically modified siHybrid (mH) in which the 19-mer sense strand had the following pattern of 2 '-deoxyinosine (dI) and 2 '-O-methylribonucleotide (2 '-OMe) residues: 5'-d(TITIT)-2'OMe(GCGGUGGUU)-d(GICIT) [9].

Associations of deoxyinosine with other chemical compounds


Gene context of deoxyinosine


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of deoxyinosine

  • Our assay for 2'-deoxyinosine employs nuclease P1 and alkaline phosphatase to achieve release of the nucleosides from DNA, followed by HPLC prepurification with subsequent GC-MS analysis of the nucleosides [4].


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