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Gene Review

HPR  -  haptoglobin-related protein

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: A-259H10.2, HP, Haptoglobin-related protein
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Disease relevance of HPR


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Chemical compound and disease context of HPR


Biological context of HPR


Anatomical context of HPR


Associations of HPR with chemical compounds

  • A second copy of the retrovirus-like sequence occurs between Hpr and Hpp [18].
  • After the duplication event, the first intron of the Hpr gene acquired a 9-kb insert consisting mainly of a retrovirus-like element with a potential primer-binding site homologous to a mouse isoleucine tRNA [19].
  • Haptoglobin and haptoglobin-related protein are homologous hemoglobin-binding proteins consisting of a complement control repeat (alpha-chain) and a serine protease domain (beta-chain) [20].
  • Transcription/translation assay was used to demonstrate that the Hpr message could be translated from the internal methionine codon [2].
  • Fenretinide (HPR) is a synthetic retinoid which has been shown to cause a reduction in the incidence of carcinogen-induced epithelial tumors in experimental animals, and it has been chosen to be tested as a chemopreventive agent in humans [9].

Physical interactions of HPR

  • Based on these results, we propose that Hpr mediates the high affinity binding of TLF-1 to T. b. brucei through a haptoglobin-like receptor [14].
  • However, in contrast to Hp, Hpr did not promote any high-affinity binding to the scavenger receptor CD163 [21].

Regulatory relationships of HPR


Other interactions of HPR


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of HPR


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