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Chemical Compound Review

CHEMBL38686     1-(4,4-diphenylbut-3- enyl)piperidine-3...

Synonyms: SureCN676998, ACMC-20lzs6, SKF-89976, CHEBI:156963, CCG-205225, ...
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Disease relevance of SKF89976A

  • Toxic doses of SKF89976A caused generalized paroxysmal EEG discharges and myoclonus, but AD generation in the kindled focus was suppressed completely [1].

High impact information on SKF89976A


Biological context of SKF89976A

  • Dose-response curves showed that SKF89976A has an IC50 of 0.93 microM and a Hill coefficient of 2.68 [7].

Associations of SKF89976A with other chemical compounds


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