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Chemical Compound Review

tauphon     2-aminoethanesulfonic acid

Synonyms: Taurinum, Taukard, Taurina, taurine, taufon, ...
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Associations of taurine with other chemical compounds

  • In this issue of Neuron, Young and Cepko show that taurine acts via GlyRalpha2 subunit-containing glycine receptors expressed by retinal progenitor cells at birth [24].
  • However, since 3% methionine changed plasma taurine without altering BBMV uptake, it is more likely that the change in BBMV uptake and the adaptive response expressed at the brush border surface relate to changes in renal cortex taurine concentrations [21].
  • Moreover, naloxone (2 mg/kg), the specific opiate antagonist, increased blood pressure in taurine-treated DOCA-salt rats, restoring it to levels similar to those in the DOCA-salt rats [12].
  • In contrast, neither STa nor guanylin changed the uptake of taurine in HT-29 cells [13].
  • The modulation by taurine of taumustine activity suggests that the combination of these agents offers an advantage of selectivity and host protection during chemotherapy [14].

Gene context of taurine


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of taurine


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