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Gene Review

YAF2  -  YY1 associated factor 2

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: YY1-associated factor 2
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Disease relevance of YAF2


High impact information on YAF2

  • These phenotypes can be rescued by co-injection of human YAF2 mRNA with the morpholinos or by treatment with a pan-caspase inhibitor or a caspase 8-specific inhibitor [2].
  • Yaf2 Inhibits Caspase 8-mediated Apoptosis and Regulates Cell Survival during Zebrafish Embryogenesis [2].
  • Our findings implicate Yaf2 as a survival factor during early zebrafish development and organogenesis [2].
  • We identified a human cDNA encoding a protein related to YAF-2 (YY1-associated factor 2), which was previously isolated as an interacting partner of the Ying-Yang-1 (YY1) transcription factor [3].
  • These cofactors are functionally different in that YAF-2 positively regulates the transcriptional activity of hGABP but YEAF1 negatively regulates this activity [3].

Biological context of YAF2

  • The YAF2 cDNA encodes a 180 amino acid basic protein (pI 10.5) containing a single N-terminal C2-X10-C2 zinc finger [4].
  • The isolation of YAF2 may help in understanding the mechanisms through which inhibitors of myogenic transcription may be antagonized or eliminated by proteolysis during muscle development [4].
  • In contrast to the down-regulation of YY1, YAF2 message levels increase during in vitro differentiation of both rat skeletal and cardiac muscle cells [4].
  • We show that the murine YAF2 locus generates two different transcripts, mYAF2-a and mYAF2-b by alternative splicing of the third exons which encode two YAF2 isoforms of 179 and conceptual 60 amino acids, respectively [5].
  • Partial depletion of Yaf2, achieved by injecting lower dosages of morpholino, circumvents the early arrest but leads to CNS degeneration associated with excessive apoptosis [2].

Anatomical context of YAF2

  • YAF2 appears to have a promyogenic regulatory role, since overexpression of YAF2 in C2 myoblasts stimulates myogenic promoter activity normally restricted by YY1 [4].
  • Also, YAF-2 mRNA is highly expressed in skeletal muscle, whereas YEAF1 mRNA is highly expressed in placenta [3].
  • Finally, the observed activation of caspase 8 in the morphants is in accord with the ability of Yaf2 to inhibit caspase 8-mediated apoptosis in cultured cells [2].
  • Endogenous Yaf2 is expressed in all three tested neuroblastoma cell lines, all of which also express MycN [1].

Other interactions of YAF2

  • Among them, YAF2 and AMIGO2 were the most plausible candidates to affect growth and psychomotor retardation, respectively, in both cases [6].


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