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Gene Review

MTX2  -  metaxin 2

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Metaxin-2, Mitochondrial outer membrane import complex protein 2
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Disease relevance of MTX2

  • Affinity-purified antibodies against metaxin 2 were prepared against the recombinant protein produced in E. coli and were used to analyze the subcellular distribution of metaxin 2 [1].
  • These proteins share 80-90% sequence identity and showed structural similarity to bacterial toxins: mosquitocidal toxin (MTX2) from Bacillus sphaericus and alpha toxin from Clostridium septicum [2].
  • The numbers of drop-outs due to toxicity were SSZ 9, MTX 2, COMBI 5 [3].

High impact information on MTX2


Biological context of MTX2

  • Among overexpressed proteins were heat-shock, structural and membrane proteins and enzymes involved in gene silencing, protein synthesis/degradation, mitochondrial protein import (metaxin 2), detoxification (GST-pi) and energy metabolism [6].

Anatomical context of MTX2

  • In bone marrow cells, the combinations of 5-FU 2 h prior to MTX or MTX 2 h prior to 5-FU followed by a 48 h incubation, respectively, gave growth rates of 79.66 +/- 7.41% (protection) and 31.39 +/- 1.77% of the control rate [7].

Associations of MTX2 with chemical compounds

  • The overall folding of MTX2 consists of three loops stabilized by the four disulfides and forming a two- and a three-stranded beta-sheet [4].
  • The combinations of 5-FU 2 h prior to MTX or MTX 2 h prior to 5-FU followed by a 48 h incubation, respectively, gave growth rates of 20.96 +/- 2.44% and 19.86 +/- 2.56% of the control rate for MCF-7 cells [7].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of MTX2

  • Thereafter SR patients received HD-MTX 2 g/m2, a modified protocol II, and continuation therapy with triple intrathecal chemotherapy (TIT); IR patients received protocol Ib, HD-MTX 5 g/m2, protocol II and continuation therapy with TIT; HR patients received 9 polychemotherapy blocks, cranial irradiation and continuation therapy [8].


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