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Gene Review

Emv3  -  endogenous ecotropic MuLV 3

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Emv-3, Sev-1
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Disease relevance of Emv3

  • DBA/2 mice carry a single endogenous ecotropic murine leukemia provirus, Emv-3 [1].
  • In addition, most of the replication-competent viruses that were sequenced appeared to result from simple mutation of Emv-3 rather than recombination with other endogenous murine leukemia viruses [1].
  • We characterized an infectious ecotropic retrovirus spontaneously expressed in aged DBA/2 mice, which carries the complete but defective Emv-3 [2].
  • The results of this study conclusively demonstrated that Emv-3 is not causally associated with the development of DMBA-induced lymphomas in DBA/2J mice [3].
  • A replication-competent, endogenous retrovirus from an aged DBA/2 mouse contains the complete env from Emv-3 and a novel gag partially related to AKT-8 [4].

High impact information on Emv3

  • We report here the entire sequence for the gag gene of rv-DBA/2aged as well as the previously unsequenced 3' end of the Emv-3 gag gene [4].
  • The previous report showed that a recombination which resulted in the replacement of Emv-3 gag sequences with gag sequences homologous to those found in the AKT-8 virus had taken place [4].
  • To test this possibility, we compared lymphoma incidence after percutaneous DMBA treatment in DBA/2J-dv/dv mice, which carry two copies of Emv-3, with lymphoma incidence in DBA/2J-d+18J/d+18J mice, which lost both copies of Emv-3 by homologous recombination involving the long terminal repeat sequences [3].
  • Comparison of the nucleotide sequence of the Emv-3 provirus with the sequence of the highly infectious Akv murine leukemia virus revealed three nucleotide differences within the gag coding region [5].
  • Thus, it seems most likely that the defect of expression of the Emv-3 provirus is due to the presence of a proline is position 3 of the gag polyprotein, preventing the myristylation [5].

Biological context of Emv3


Associations of Emv3 with chemical compounds


Regulatory relationships of Emv3


Other interactions of Emv3

  • Marker rescue experiments suggested that Emv-3 is defective in the gag region and Emv-13 is defective in p15E-U3 [7].
  • Some recombinant ecotropic viruses contained sequences in the p15E-U3 region that were not derived from Emv-1 and Emv-3 but were found in recombinant polytropic HRS/J viruses [9].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Emv3

  • Using a combination of approaches, including DNA sequencing, peptide mapping, and metabolic labeling of cells with [3H]myristate, we have demonstrated that the defect in Emv-3 most likely results from a single nucleotide substitution within the gene for p15gag that inhibits myristylation of the Pr65gag N terminus [8].
  • The endogenous ecotropic provirus Emv-3 present in DBA/2 mice is poorly expressed in the animal, as well as in cell cultures [5].


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