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Gene Review

virE1  -  type IV secretion system chaperone VirE1

Agrobacterium fabrum str. C58

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Disease relevance of virE1

  • Characterization of the virE locus of Agrobacterium tumefaciens plasmid pTiC58 [1].
  • Two different promoters were detected, one which operates in A. tumefaciens and one which operates in Escherichia coli. virE is transcribed from left to right toward the T region [1].

High impact information on virE1

  • Protoplast infections using an A. tumefaciens virE mutant result in a low level of accumulation of T-strands in the plant cells [2].
  • In this study we identified a cis-acting regulatory sequence in the 5'-noncoding region of the virE operon that is essential for this activation [3].
  • Western blot (immunoblot) analysis showed that the 70 base pairs upstream of the transcriptional start site were sufficient for full virE gene induction [3].
  • The nucleotide sequence of virE revealed three open reading frames, arranged as an operon, with a potential coding capacity for proteins of 9, 7.1, and 63.5 kilodaltons [1].
  • The promoter region of virE was analyzed by using gene fusions to promoterless cat and lux genes [1].

Chemical compound and disease context of virE1

  • The virE locus that is responsible for the efficiency of infection by Agrobacterium tumefaciens (T. Hirooka and C. Kado, J. Bacteriol. 168:237-243, 1986) is located next to the right boundary of the virulence (Vir) region of the nopaline plasmid pTiC58 [1].

Biological context of virE1


Associations of virE1 with chemical compounds

  • In A. tumefaciens, the expression of virE was induced by acetosyringone and required the presence of pTiC58 [1].


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