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Gene Review

Actl7b  -  actin-like 7b

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Actin-like protein 7B, Actin-like-7-beta, ENSMUSG00000070980, T-actin-1, Tact1, ...
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Disease relevance of Actl7b

  • To characterize the haploid germ cell-specific gene structure, a mouse genomic library was screened with a Tact1 cDNA as a probe, and four independent phage clones containing the Tact1 gene were isolated [1].

High impact information on Actl7b

  • The mRNA sizes and deduced molecular masses of t-actin 1/mACTl7b and t-actin 2/mACTl7a were 2.2 kilobases (kb) and 1.8 kb, and Mr 43.1 x 10(3) and Mr 47.2 x 10(3), respectively [2].
  • We isolated cDNA clones for the novel actin-like proteins T-ACTIN 1 and T-ACTIN 2, which are expressed specifically in the mouse testis [2].
  • Although the cellular locations of these two proteins are quite different (T-ACTIN-1 was found in the cytoplasm and T-ACTIN-2 was located in the nucleus), the expression of their proteins and mRNAs is controlled during development and limited during spermiogenesis [2].
  • Transient promoter analyses indicate that CREMtau may activate Tact1 and Tact2 expression in germ cells [1].
  • Genomic structure and promoter activity of the testis haploid germ cell-specific intronless genes, Tact1 and Tact2 [1].

Biological context of Actl7b


Anatomical context of Actl7b

  • Rabbits were immunized with murine CBA T lymphocytes activated with C57BL/6 antigens (Tact) [4].

Associations of Actl7b with chemical compounds


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