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Gene Review

Rheb  -  Ras homolog enriched in brain ortholog (H....

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG1081, DReb, Dm Rheb, DmRheb, Dmel\CG1081, ...
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High impact information on Rheb


Biological context of Rheb

  • Here, we show that signaling through TOR and its upstream regulators PI3K and Rheb is necessary and sufficient to suppress starvation-induced autophagy in the Drosophila fat body [4].
  • Overexpression of dRheb in the developing fly (using the GAL4:UAS system) causes dramatic overgrowth of multiple tissues: in the wing, this is due to an increase in cell size; in cultured cells, dRheb overexpression results in accumulation of cells in S phase and an increase in cell size [5].
  • In a screen to identify genes affecting hindgut morphogenesis in Drosophila, we identified a P-element insertion in dRheb, a novel, highly conserved member of the Ras superfamily of G-proteins [5].
  • In Drosophila, we find that overexpression of Drosophila Rheb (dRheb) in S2 cells causes their accumulation in S phase and an increase in cell size [6].
  • Overexpression of dRheb results in increased cell and tissue size without an increase in cell number; reduction of dRheb function results in reduced cell and tissue size [6].

Anatomical context of Rheb


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