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Gene Review

bel-1  -  bel-1 protein

Human foamy virus

This record was discontinued.
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Disease relevance of bel-1


High impact information on bel-1

  • A construct expressing bel 1 under control of a heterologous promoter was found to transactivate the HFV long terminal repeat in a dose-dependent fashion [1].
  • The role of the bel 1 genomic region as a transactivator was further investigated by eukaryotic expression of a genome fragment of HFV spanning the bel 1 open reading frame [1].
  • Results presented here confirmed this and showed further that a deletion introduced only into the bel 1 open reading frame of a plasmid derived from an infectious molecular clone of HFV abolished transactivation [1].
  • The bel1 protein transactivates HFV long terminal repeat (LTR)-directed gene expression by recognizing a region in U3 [4].
  • To dissect the role of individual promoters and bel genes on transgene expression and neurotoxicity we generated transgenic mice with a construct termed pL-bel1, which lacks the IP and the ancillary genes except bel-1 [5].


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