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Gene Review

Gzmg  -  granzyme G

Mus musculus

Synonyms: CTL serine protease 1, Ctla-7, Ctla7, Granzyme G, MCSP-1
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High impact information on Gzmg

  • Three new cDNA clones (designated MCSP-1, MCSP-2, and MCSP-3) encoding mouse serine proteases were isolated from cloned cytolytic T lymphocytes (CTL) by a modified differential screening procedure [1].
  • There are three potential asparagine-linked glycosylation sites in MCSP-1 and MCSP-3, and four in MCSP-2-deduced amino acid sequences [1].
  • Amino acid comparison of MCSP-1 with four other reported serine proteases whose active site pocket residue is alanine revealed that MCSP-1 was substantially different from the other molecules, indicating that MCSP-1 may be a new member of mouse T cell serine protease family [1].
  • The third species, MCSP-1, was closely related to the two other cDNA species but approximately 30 amino acids equivalents of the NH2-terminal portion of the cDNA were not cloned [1].
  • Antibodies made against a MCSP-1 lacZ gene fusion protein stain granules of CTL and react on immunoblots with two distinct granule protein bands of 29 and 35-40 kD [1].

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