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Gene Review

H2-Q4  -  histocompatibility 2, Q region locus 4

Mus musculus

Synonyms: H-2Q4, H2-Gs10, Qa-4, Qa4, Qat-4, ...
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High impact information on H2-Q4

  • Thus, Qat-4 is expressed on 70%, and Qat-5 on 30% of splenic and lymph node T cells, Qat-4 is also found on the majority of Ig- cells from athymic nude mice [1].
  • The results were similar whether or not T cells were removed from the assay marrow by treatment with antibodies Ly-1.1, Ly-2.2, and Qa4 plus C.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 400 WORDS)[2]
  • Q4, the gene encoding the Qb-1 antigen, is transcribed in a wide variety of tissues, unlike many other non-classical class I genes [3].

Biological context of H2-Q4

  • L-cells transfected with these genes did not express class I genes reacting with alloantisera or monoclonal antibodies against Qa2, Qa4 or TL differentiation antigens [4].

Anatomical context of H2-Q4

  • Two new lymphocyte antigens, provisionally designated Qat-4 and Qat-5 have been identified with two different hybridoma-derived, monoclonal AKR antiC57BL/6 antibodies [1].

Other interactions of H2-Q4

  • Qat-4 and Qat-5 antigens which do not seem to be identical with Qa-2,3 or TL antigens are absent from Ig/ lymphocytes and thymocytes [1].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of H2-Q4


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