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Gene Review

Hpca  -  hippocalcin

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Neuron-specific calcium-binding protein hippocalcin
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Disease relevance of Hpca

  • To determine factors contributing to the expression of the brain-derived protein, hippocalcin, we mapped its distribution in the brain of Snell pituitary dwarf mutant mice (dw) by immunohistochemical and immunoblot methods [1].

Psychiatry related information on Hpca

  • Hippocalcin-deficient mice were also impaired on a discrimination learning task in which they needed to respond to a lamp illuminated on the left or right side to obtain food reinforcement [2].

High impact information on Hpca


Biological context of Hpca


Anatomical context of Hpca

  • These results indicate that the developmental expression of hippocalcin in the dw brain is affected by the retarded maturation of the neuronal network due to the deficient hormonal state (the lack of growth and thyroid hormones) [1].
  • (1) In the hippocampus, hippocalcin immunoreactivity was found in the cell body and dendrites of pyramidal neurons of the normal controls and dw mice, although the intensity of immunoreactivity in the dw mice was lower [1].

Regulatory relationships of Hpca

  • (2) In the cerebellum, hippocalcin immunoreactivity was strongly expressed in the Purkinje cell body of both the control and dw mice [1].

Other interactions of Hpca


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