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Gene Review

Mcm5  -  minichromosome maintenance deficient 5,...

Mus musculus

Synonyms: AA617332, AI324988, AL033333, CDC46 homolog, Cdc46, ...
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Disease relevance of Mcm5

  • Patients with prostate cancer had higher levels of Mcm5 in their urine sediments than did men without malignancy (P<.001) [1].
  • NIH3T3 cells expressed minute levels of mouse CD46 (mCD46) mRNA but barely produced mCD46 protein. mCD46 message and protein levels were markedly increased during mouse cytomegalovirus (mCMV) infection [2].

High impact information on Mcm5

  • Consistently, mCD46-expressing cells became resistant to mouse complement; primary-cultured fibroblasts from mCD46 gene-disrupted mice showed no increase in protection, resulting in complement-dependent cytolysis [2].
  • Thus, the marked up-regulation of mCD46 in mouse fibroblast cells/cell lines by mCMV infection participates in host cell protection from complement [2].
  • Thus, mCMV up-regulates the gene expression of mCD46 via CMVRE and CMVRE-binding factor, resulting in mCD46 protein expression on mCMV-infected cells [2].
  • Since both the membrane and soluble mCD46retained complement regulatory activity, mCD46 induced by mCMV infection may act as a regulator of systemic complement activation [2].
  • We have identified an additional message of mCD46 that encodes a putative secretory form [Nomura et al. (1999) Immunogenetics 50, 245-254] [3].

Biological context of Mcm5

  • Murine CD46 (mCD46) is a type 1 membrane protein expressed predominantly in testicular germ cells, the distribution profile of which is in contrast to that of human CD46 showing a ubiquitous tissue distribution [3].


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