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Gene Review

MCM5  -  minichromosome maintenance complex...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CDC46, CDC46 homolog, DNA replication licensing factor MCM5, P1-CDC46
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Disease relevance of MCM5


High impact information on MCM5


Biological context of MCM5

  • One of the interacting proteins was identified as MCM5, a member of the mini-chromosome maintenance (MCM) family involved in DNA replication [6].
  • Apoptosis and necrosis were assessed by in situ ligation of hairpin probes, proliferation by Ki67 and MCM5 labelling of myocytes, repair by electron microscopy, morphometric study of percent myofibrillar area and real-time polymerase chain reaction of alpha-and beta-Myosin Heavy Chain (MHC) [8].

Anatomical context of MCM5

  • The overall difference in MCM5 mRNA expression in the normal cervix, CIN3 and invasive cohort groups is highly statistically significant (P=0.001) [2].
  • Ki67 and MCM5-positive myocytes were higher vs controls at baseline and increased by 43 and 38% at follow-up in responders and by 75 and 63% in nonresponders [8].
  • RESULTS: In non-dysplastic squamous epithelium and Barrett's mucosa, high level expression of Mcm2, Mcm5, and Ki-67 proteins was largely confined to the proliferative compartments and downregulated in differentiated compartments [9].
  • In this study, we extended these observations to human somatic cells and analysed the localisation of the human Mcm-proteins Cdc21, Cdc46 and P1Mcm3 in replicating HeLa cell nuclei [10].

Associations of MCM5 with chemical compounds

  • OBJECTIVE: In an attempt to cast light on the mechanisms governing ATC, we evaluated MCM5 and MCM7 expression in human normal, papillary (PTC), and anaplastic thyroid samples, as well as in primary culture cells and transgenic mouse models [1].
  • Formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue sections from biopsy series and resections were immunostained using antibodies to Mcm2, Mcm5, and Ki-67 [9].

Co-localisations of MCM5


Other interactions of MCM5

  • Increased transcription of MCM5 and CDC6 occurs as a consequence of cervical neoplastic progression [2].
  • METHODS: Sections from 17 benign lesions and 55 carcinomas were immunostained with anti DMBT1 antibody (DMBTh12) and sections from 36 samples, were double-stained also with anti MCM5, one of the 6 pre-replicative complex proteins with cell proliferation-licensing functions [12].
  • Thus, the human Mcm-proteins Cdc21, Cdc46 and P1Mcm3 are not concentrated at sites of DNA replication [10].
  • Disruption of ORC2, MCM5, and HBO1 expression by small interfering RNA reduced LANA-dependent DNA replication of TR-containing plasmids [13].
  • The expression of MCM-2 and MCM-5 significantly associated with the conventional proliferation index Ki-67 (P = .0001 for each protein) [14].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of MCM5


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