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  • The results indicate that rheumatoid arthritis in whites is associated with genes of the HLA-D region and that immunogenetic factors linked to HLA have a role in its pathogenesis [7].
  • Immunogenetics. Viruses, cancer and the MHC [8].
  • Mutant mouse strains are important tools for immunogenetic studies of the regulation, structure and function of major histocompatibility (H-2) antigens1-3 [9].
  • The data indicate that immunogenetic factors are relevant to the development of both RA and SLE, but that these are distinct for each disease [10].
  • It remains to be determined whether killing and suppression are functionally interrelated properties of a single Ly23 subclass, or whether the Ly23 population comprises two subclasses whose surface phenotypes are not yet distinguishable by immunogenetic criteria [11].

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Anatomical context of Immunogenetics

  • We have utilized a clonal approach to investigate functional and immunogenetic characteristics of T cells responsive to the miHA H-1 [22].
  • This analysis was performed by functional and immunogenetic characterization of a large number of clones derived from short-term mixed leukocyte culture (MLC) populations generated against the miHA, H-1 [23].
  • To determine the immunogenetic characteristics of patients with immune-mediated subepithelial blistering diseases of mucous membranes, we performed HLA-typing for the class II MHC gene DQB1*0301 allele using a direct method [24].
  • The features of these two cases extend the known clinical and pathological spectrum of this disease and, through identifying a common immunogenetic background, provide a possible link between the previous associations of this disorder and autoimmune thyroid disease and IDDM [25].
  • OBSERVATIONS: The interacting immunogenetic and environmental factors, especially UV irradiation, result in the inability of the patients' immune system to respond to epidermodysplasia verruciformis-specific human papillomaviruses [26].

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