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Gene Review

unc-4  -  Protein UNC-4

Caenorhabditis elegans

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Psychiatry related information on unc-4

  • Experiments with a temperature-sensitive unc-4 mutant show that the adult level of SV proteins strictly depends on unc-4 function during a critical period of motor neuron differentiation. unc-4 activity during this sensitive larval stage is also required for the creation of proper synaptic inputs to VA motor neurons [1].

High impact information on unc-4


Biological context of unc-4

  • We have isolated four, dominant, extragenic, allele-specific suppressors of unc-4(e2322ts), a temperature sensitive allele with a point mutation in the unc-4 homeodomain [7].
  • Both genes, which are separated by 250,000 to 300,000 base-pairs were assigned to chromosome II by in situ hybridization and physically linked to a DNA polymorphism located near unc-4 on the genetic map [8].
  • Our results are consistent with a model in which this unc-4 target gene ("gene-x") functions at a post-transcriptional level as a negative regulator of SV biogenesis or stability [1].
  • A novel Drosophila paired-like homeobox gene related to Caenorhabditis elegans unc-4 is expressed in subsets of postmitotic neurons and epidermal cells [9].

Anatomical context of unc-4

  • The normal function of the wild-type allele of unc-4 may thus be to invoke the appropriate synaptic specificities to VA motor neurons produced in particular developmental contexts [2].
  • We propose that unc-4 controls a differentiated characteristic of the VA motor neurons that distinguishes them from their VB sisters, thus dictating recognition by the appropriate interneurons [10].

Associations of unc-4 with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of unc-4

  • Alternatively, unc-37 may encode a gene product that interacts with the unc-4 homeodomain [7].

Regulatory relationships of unc-4


Other interactions of unc-4


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