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Gene Review

ben-1  -  Protein BEN-1

Caenorhabditis elegans

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Disease relevance of tubulin


High impact information on tubulin

  • Like tubulin, SAS-4 is incorporated into centrioles during their duplication and remains stably associated thereafter [2].
  • In fact, C. elegans phb-2(ad2154) was also found to be resistant to numerous other drugs that bind tubulin and to camptothecin, yet this mutant was sensitive to nocodazole and phalloidin [3].
  • To find out whether cytoskeleton changes occurred during feeding cell development, transcriptional activity of actin (ACT) and tubulin genes and organization of the ACT filaments and of the microtubules (MTs) were analyzed in situ [4].
  • The tubulin gene family, which includes alpha-,beta-, and gamma-tubulin subfamilies, is composed of highly conserved proteins which are the principle structural and functional components of eukaryotic microtubules [5].
  • We are interested in (1) establishing when in eukaryotic evolution the duplications leading to paralogous alpha, beta, and gamma subfamilies occurred and (2) the possible utility of tubulin sequences in reconstructing organismal phylogeny [5].

Biological context of tubulin

  • Expression of a reporter gene under the control of the C. elegans cct-1 promoter is found to be mainly restricted to neuronal and muscle tissues, an observation which is consistent with the participation of CCT in actin and tubulin folding [6].

Anatomical context of tubulin


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of tubulin


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