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Gene Review

TUB4  -  Tub4p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: Gamma-tubulin, L8167.21, Tubulin gamma chain, YLR212C
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Disease relevance of TUB4


High impact information on TUB4


Biological context of TUB4


Anatomical context of TUB4

  • Study of a temperature sensitive tub4-1 allele revealed that TUB4 has essential functions in microtubule organization [8].
  • Finally, we report the identification of a large 22 S Tub4p complex in yeast extract that contains multimers of Spc97p similar to gamma-tubulin ring complexes found in higher eukaryotic cells [7].
  • These results suggest that different components of MTOCs act as receptors for gamma-tubulin complexes and that they are essential for the function of MTOCs [10].
  • Homologues of Spc97p and Spc98p have been identified from yeast to mammalian cells and these are also part of gamma-tubulin complexes, suggesting that these related proteins may also interact with GTBPs at the centrosome [11].
  • Loss of function of the gamma-tubulin gene by RNAi induces a strong polyploidization of mitotic germ cells and embryos, but does not affect meiosis and pronuclear migration [12].

Associations of TUB4 with chemical compounds

  • Sucrose gradient sedimentation of the cytosolic fraction and immunoprecipitation experiments demonstrate that both gamma-tubulin and HsSpc98p are in the same complex [13].
  • Alanine substitution for any one of these phosphorylated residues, in conjunction with an alanine substitution at residue Ser(36), is lethal in combination with alleles of SPC97, which encodes a component of the Tub4p complex [14].

Physical interactions of TUB4


Other interactions of TUB4


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of TUB4


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