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Gene Review

oto  -  otocephaly

Mus musculus

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Disease relevance of oto

  • Its clinical use is limited by the presence of some undesired side effects, like as oto- and nephro toxicity, whose mechanisms of action are not understood [1].

High impact information on oto

  • In contrast, heterozygous mutants displayed craniofacial malformations designated as otocephaly; affected structures appeared to correspond to the most posterior and most anterior domains of Otx expression where Otx1 is not expressed [2].
  • Mice heterozygous for the Otx2 mutation display a craniofacial malformation, known as otocephaly or agnathia-holoprosencephaly complex [3].
  • Transformations of the vertebrae in oto embryos reveal a Lim1-independent role in the establishment of positional information in the trunk [4].
  • The phenotype of oto embryos points to an early and critical role for oto in the development of forebrain subregions [4].
  • We show here that the oto mutation on mouse chromosome 1 defines a locus with a critical role in anterior development [4].

Biological context of oto

  • The penetrance of oto is nearly complete on C57BL strain backgrounds but is reduced to a variable extent on other backgrounds [5].

Anatomical context of oto


Associations of oto with chemical compounds


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of oto

  • In several animal models of infection, greater efficacy and less oto- and nephrotoxicity have been associated with once daily dosing of aminoglycosides [8].


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