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Gene Review

SIK2  -  salt-inducible kinase 2

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: DKFZp434K1115, KIAA0781, LOH11CR1I, QIK, Qin-induced kinase, ...
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High impact information on SNF1LK2


Biological context of SNF1LK2

  • Triggering of the calcium and cAMP second messenger pathways by glucose and gut hormones disrupts TORC2:14-3-3 complexes via complementary effects on TORC2 dephosphorylation; calcium influx increases calcineurin activity, whereas cAMP inhibits SIK2 kinase activity [1].
  • These results strongly suggest that SIK2 may play important role(s) in modulating the insulin-signaling cascade of adipocytes, and thus, may be involved in the development of insulin resistance [4].
  • The SIK2 gene was expressed in 3T3-L1 cells at a very early stage of adipogenesis [4].

Anatomical context of SNF1LK2

  • The cloning of salt-inducible kinase-1 (SIK1) that was specifically expressed in the adrenal glands of high-salt diet-fed rats led to subsequent cloning of adipose-specific SIK2 and rather ubiquitous SIK3 [4].

Regulatory relationships of SNF1LK2


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